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gay-o-meter/gaydar for George Clooney According to 1796 visitors George Clooney is 75% gay.

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Openly political actor George Clooney is reportedly considering making a bid to become the next governor of California. George Clooney Running For Governor? Clooney, 53, has been a political activist for a number of years in.


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The Monuments Men looks and feels like George Clooney’s homage to the hokier war movies he and I and everybody else our age watched as kids on TV. Battle of the Bulge. Kelly’s Heroes. Darby’s Rangers.

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Laet: tak dobre Jason Lee nie je gay, Brad Pitt nie je gay, Harrison Ford nie je gay, George Clooney nie je gay a ked uz to je tak fajn spolocnost – ja tiez nie som gay Kevin je predsa len asi gay (aspon to tak vyzera fakt i ked.

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We have the polished actor and we have George Clooney. Wow. My gaydar almost went off there for a second. It sure does when I see Clooney.

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Jodie Foster to Direct George Clooney in Thriller Money Monster. I am completely inexperienced when it comes to flirting or asking girls out -- and unless a girl is totally butch, I have absolutely zero sense of gaydar.